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30 Jun

Our Sundays in the park are not forgotten:
the flowering apples, the plumb and level bees.
At the pavilion, bridesmaids and groomsmen
smoking, waiting for pictures to be taken.

I had a wish to syncopate their laughter
with our cadence and our rhythm.
You concealed, double wrapped in skin.
I your living envelope, your place of origin.

Not desiring marriage, and despite my arm’s petitions
I gave you for adoption.
      Oh, the grip of charcoal eyes, of newborn grace!
      Oh, the place where lightning struck my boughs!
      Oh, the rhythm of rainfall the day you appeared
my rising river, my hidden-to-me girl.

Fall arrives and oaks brace themselves,
the park gathers its leaves—I am familiar with
the hardening of bark, the early freeze,
but could not have guessed what now rolls over me.

An infant cry—a flash and strike—but wait,
a distant rumbled comfort has its say.
I ask the baby’s name, tiny hands are upraised;
The mother and I stretch over the stroller like a canopy.

-for Jill G.

Mother’s Day

10 May

Mother’s dress is flush with flowers,
lilies lush from April showers.
This fair day in middle May
nobles bend to praise her powers.

Silken crown, her fine array,
joins the wind in winsome play.
As she, quiet, greets the throng
every rebel quits the fray.

Firm she stands, lovely, strong,
weakened ones to fend from wrong.
Gems, her mouth pours forth, and gold.
Strangers in her midst belong.

Honor her both young and old.
May unspoken laud be told.
Let your lips with praise unfold.
Mothers, Mothers be extolled.