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Phone Call

27 Aug

Only the friend felling alongside
sees, peripherally,
the blur of broken treetop drop down,
like a pendulum, to end a good life.

Please call, is all the message
on my brother’s phone says.  And so
he is the first of our kin to learn
the words “we couldn’t save him.”   

steering spring mud roads to Mom,
he dials to let me know
the man we call our Dad is dead.

States away, in the backyard,
I hear my voice responding
with a buzz of questions.  He says,
better hang up, I need to go in.

I gather wife and children,
crumbling, tell them all he said,
tears slaking dust between the boards
of this worn out kitchen floor.


3 Feb


I’m in the tub and here’s the rub,
Mom says to get out soon.

The water’s warm, and what’s the harm
in wrinkles like a prune?

I’m staying in!  Look, I can swim!
Let’s sing another tune.

Now close your eyes for a big surprise,
It’s me! your goose-bump-goon.