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You Can’t Punch The Clock

9 Apr

You can’t punch the clock—
clicking keys for poetry
throws time to the floor.

Instead, punch the dashboard
for this chance car radio
news alliteration,

sources in Sadr
city say certain sectors
of the city seem. . .

Happenstance hardly
hurries handy helps or hints.
Haiku hesitates.

Clock by Nathan Eells

5 Jun

sitting on the wall
watching me.
Always talking: tick tock, you say.
Annoying, I say.
A giant watch peering at me.
Arms always moving around and around.
You won’t stop slapping yourself.
You’re always on time,
trapped inside your glass cage.
Always running,
never racing,

Nathan received the Written In Stone award from Stone Academy for this poem.  Nathan’s teacher submitted it to the Greenville News and it was published by them on Friday, June 4th.  The artwork is a favorite of mine that Nathan drew recently.

Grandfather Clock

18 May

Tick tock
old clock
stood, back when,
in my grandparent’s den.
An extra grandfather in their house,
no mouse.

Kept time
just fine.
Each sunday night
grandpa wound it tight-
key turning coil spring for pendulum
to swing.

That day
gone away.
Grandpa’s key
passes down to me.
My hand winds for clicks and chimes,
old times.

Clock sound
big, round.
Resonant DONG!
Vibration resounding long.
Every hour grandfather awakes
to speak.