Friends And Hard Won Enemies

9 Apr

Hard work making enemies.  Slackers steal and cheat
And make much of their apathy, but fail to garner hate.

For surefire antagonists, look at whom you address.
Listen till they’re human, consider them—digest.     

Learn to spar-sing and wrestle-dance.  Go bury your good deeds
And mock your own success.  Gather the pieces for a bridge.  

Don’t quit!  Betrayers can’t resist.  Those who would despise you
or dismiss will set their face against you like a fist.  

But making friends is a cinch!  Find someone who shares your fits,
Together, take aim…steady…Bang!  Fast you will remain.

Of course, that friend may be honey that turns bitter in the belly.  
A true friend will always be your potential hard won enemy.


Any thoughts?

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